A Wise Mind

Develop a lifestyle of participating with awareness. A lifestyle without awareness is a characteristic of impulsive (doing things without considering the consequences) and mood dependent behaviors. Mindfulness skills such as Western contemplative prayer or Eastern meditation practices can dramatically help balance the emotional and reasonable parts of the mind. This could be said to be called a “wise mind” where there is a balance between emotional experiencing and logical analysis. If you learn to play a musical instrument you must pay close attention to a lot of things such as hand position, musical notation, and the rhythm. As the skill of playing an instrument improves things such as observing and describing begin to fade in to the background. Learning to drive a stick-shift car is another example of having to pay close attention to what you are doing at first. Learn first to just notice the moment and to experience it with awareness in whatever is happening. Don’t leave the situation or try to terminate an emotion. If you are in need of some counseling, please contact Lamar Hunt Jr. or see his website at http://lamarhuntjrcounseling.com/.