1) What should I expect from the first session?
While each client has different needs, in the first session I generally try to gather as much information about the issue as possible. I want to know what's been going on, what you hope to get out of counseling, and anything else you can tell me about your situation.  I also want to get to know you as a person.  This general plan gives me a starting point to begin helping you.

2) How long does each session last?
The first session is 90 minutes.  After the initial one, normal sessions are 50 minutes.

3) How frequently do I need to come to counseling?
We will discuss this after your first session.  Factors include but are not limited to the severity of your issue, your ability to meet with me and my schedule.  Most clients come in on a weekly basis.  There are clients, due to scheduling, who do prefer to come on a biweekly basis.

4) How long will I need to keep coming to counseling before I'm cured?
Counseling is a process where the client and counselor discover what will work best for the client. The counseling relationship is collaborative in nature and thus a process of mutual discovery. Clients, at times, will be given specific homework assignments to follow through on and much depends on a client's willingness to do the work. Remember though:  change takes courage; but courage grows with knowledge.

5) How much do you charge?
My initial consultation fee is $100.00 for 90 minutes.  Then, my hourly rate is $50.00.  I offer a sliding scale based on need and income.

6) What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept checks or cash.

7) How do I make an appointment?

8) Do you accept insurance plans?
No insurance plans are accepted at this time but there is a sliding scale based on need and income.

10) How do I get to your office?



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