Sexual Addiction – Part Three

When someone comes to therapy and presents with a sexually compulsive behavior as a serious concern, there can be an enormous stigma attached to it because it is about “sex.” One of the main primal activities of humans is sex, to reproduce ourselves. However this imperative to reproduce requires responsible behavior. So the reactions are very intense when there are violations of love and trust in the expression of human sexuality. The media bombards us almost on a daily basis with very “messy” situations regarding sexual revelations. These revelations may be about a political leader or a leader of a church such as a priest, minister, or rabbi. Business leaders, educators at the high school level, physicians, college professors, day care professionals, and even law enforcement personnel have had their sexual behavior revealed in graphic detail as well. When sex becomes an addiction it threatens our most important social bonds. Things like compulsive overeating that cause obesity does not generate the huge outcry sexual addiction does and it affects far more people. The fact that 4,300 adolescents might start using drugs everyday does not get much reaction, but sex does. The fact that 16% of graduating seniors from high school are at risk for pathological gambling does not grab headlines, but sex does. Sex is so core to our species’ survival that it has been hard to appreciate when it can be addictive. So when it is, it creates a significant reaction.  If you or someone you know may need counseling, please contact Lamar Hunt Jr. or see his website at